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Updating your Name Servers

Before working on the site, you will need to update the name servers for your domain so that web traffic will be directed to our servers.

Please login to your registrar, and replace your nameservers with the nameservers we have provided.

Disable DNSSEC if you have it enabled. Failure to remove DNSSEC will result in your domain never truly propagating to your website. Please speak with your registrar if you are unsure if you have this enabled.

Registrars can take 24 to 48 hours to process nameserver updates. Your site development cannot be started until the nameserver information is updated but be assured we have taken a complete snapshot of your DNS so there should be zero downtime. This means that if you have an email server or an existing website it will not be affected.

If you are unable to update your nameservers with your current registrar, don't worry! Please reach out to us via this email and we will help you explore the options of transferring your domain to us or registering a new domain. Please keep in mind that transferring a domain can take up to 14 days to complete. 

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