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Add Multiple Locations to Appointments "I have two offices in my state and would like to offer the clients the choice of location for... Approving Appointments When you receive an email notifying you of an appointment, follow these directions to update the... Block off Longer Appointments The premise: Our taxPRO scheduling software is setup to do either 30 minute or hourly appts. But,... Configure PayPal with the Appointment Scheduler This option allows your customers to pay appointments directly with PayPal (debit/credit card or... Configuring Schedule It is possible to configure general working hours for the whole company in the Working hours... Custom Fields in Appointment Scheduler The Custom Fields feature gives you the option to add more fields to your booking form so as... Drake Email Setup A guide to help connect and configure your Drake Software with your mailboxes. For taxPRO mail... Email Migration What is email migration? The process of moving your email accounts, mailboxes, and your email... Google Calendar Integration with the Appointment Scheduler With Google Synchronization, all employees in Scheduling can sync their working schedule with... How do I login to my taxPRO website? Login to edit your website, configure your Appointment Scheduler settings, and more. Please... Outlook Integration with the Appointment Scheduler Configuring Outlook Calendar sync With Outlook Synchronization, all employees can sync their... Setup the Appointment Scheduler The taxPRO Appointments Scheduler allows you to setup appointments for your customers. You... Users and Roles in the Appointment Scheduler Users and roles in the Amelia (Appointment Scheduler) Booking plugin give you an option to... Webmail - How To To access your webmail you have a few options: log in to your taxPRO Customer Account and... Working with Appointments An appointment is an arrangement that one or more customers make when they book a service that is... Zoom Integration with the Appointment Scheduler Many of the services today are provided completely online, and like that require a place where... How to edit my taxPRO Website The Basics We have teamed up with Elegant Themes - DIVI to provide the best Website... Add or change an image on your page How to add, configure and customize the Divi image module. Add pictures to your taxPRO.   Image... Add or edit a button on your page How to add, configure and customize the button module. Update your Share Documents (Drake... Add or edit a testimonial on your page How to add, configure and customize the Divi testimonials module.   Testimonials are a great... Updating your logo It’s easy to upload a custom logo image via Divi’s Theme Options. Pro Tips: Resize and crop... What is a Staging site? As part of your taxPRO purchase, you can have a staging website setup. A staging website is most... What is a Professional Review? As part of your taxPRO service, once you complete the website wizard, you may request a...
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